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Our simple one-page form for submitting your information about your painting project so that you can get free painting estimates from local painting professionals.
If you would prefer to find painting contractors in your area instead of having several different painting companies call you, this is the section where you can find our list of approved painting contractors in your area.
In our homeowner section, you will find great Do-It-Yourself tips, what to look for in a painting estimate, painting product reviews, cost saving tips for your project and more.
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Information for painting companies and contractors – find out about our service and how to partner with, the premier painting lead site in the United States!
For those with painting project on their to-do list, it would be great if they could quickly get painting estimates in one place. The expected cost of painting a home frequently strikes enough fear into a homeowner to prevent them from ever even getting an estimate. High pressure sales pitches from painting companies and typical three hour appointments are more than the average homeowner wants to endure. But with, we connect our customers with licensed, insured, and reputable local contractors, each competing for your business when providing you with an estimate. If you want to get free painting estimates, then fill out the form above for a free estimate today!

Our local painting estimate service makes it easy for homeowners to connect with a quality local painting company / contractor and receive up to three competing estimates, all at zero cost or obligation to the homeowner! Whether you are looking for an estimate for painting your home or a multi-unit apartment or condominium complex, our premium painting companies are always licensed, bonded, and insured, and have several positive references that we have already checked. We research and background check all of our painters before accepting their memberships, so only the most qualified and reputable companies can provide you with painting services.

We have hundreds of certified and approved member painting companies registered from all over the United States that would like the opportunity to compete for your painting project. Every single one of them meets our strict quality assurance requirements so that you can trust that you are getting a respected, quality service provider. These requirements include a no-pressure cost estimate, multiple reference checks, and post project follow-up from each customer that chooses to provide a review about their experience. is your ultimate resource for painting estimates for your interior painting, exterior painting, commercial, apartment complex or condominium painting – or any painting related project. Our focus on the painting industry makes us the leader in matching painting contractors to your needs.

Simply put, the best painting companies in the country can be found at If you are planning a painting project in the near future, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of our service and request a Free Painting Estimate for your painting project.
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